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The EPO Honey Project, and the EPO Permaculture Project at large (previously known as the Forest Garden Project), provides an unprecedented opportunity for the Chemolingot community to own their future by becoming actively involved in generating income and securing sustainable access to nutritious food:  This Project took shape last year, after three years of research. Our findings revealed the dire state of hunger, poverty and environmental degradation in Chemolingot, Kenya. During a site visit in summer 2016, we were struck by the abundance of acacia trees and the vivid opportunity to harvest local honey: selling it as a fairly-traded, artisanal product to the US (where there is growing demand for such delicacy) meets the community’s need for a self-sustainable and reliable source of income. Without losing site of the critical need to establish a secure food source and regenerate land, the Honey Project was conceived as a precursor to the Forest Garden Project—the original plan set out to regenerate land, create sustainable access to diverse food and later, establish small income generating opportunities. Starting with the Honey Project, however, met the immediate need to respond to the community’s chronic poverty:while participants embark on this Honey Project, they’ll learn about honey-harvesting, processing (according to National guidelines for safety and hygiene), book-keeping skills and working together under a structured small-business entity, they will be able to use generated income to fund permaculture trainings and cost of seeds for the forest garden. From the business trainings participants receive from the Honey Project, they’ll be able to swiftly identify, adopt and operate other income-generating opportunities emerging form the forest garden’s excess harvest.

Our next phase is to build a honey processing center and continue training EPO member in the craft of honey harvesting and process, alongside of permaculture trainings.


We are good in what we know but we don’t stop there. We definately need some talented people to bring us the know-how we are lacking. Laikipia Permaculture Center is searching for:

Permaculture teachers if you are interested in teaching Permaculture at the Center, either PDC course or a specific topic, send us your CV specifying your specialization.