Naatum Women Group

This women group comprises 25 members. In addition to Aloe Secundiflora, this group collects fruits from the Opuntia species to makes products such as jam.The group also get trainings on permaculture and practical skills from LPC, notably cob-building:  they have just finished building their own agro-processing facilities!

Nabulu Women Group

This women group comprises 25 members. While women deal with Aloe like the other groups, they make other products such as Soap, Cream, Shower jelly, Shampoo and Body lotion. They get Aloe seedlings from LPC nursery and sell their products to LUSH through LPC, hence mutual benefit.

Twala Women Group

The Twala Women Group consists of 203 members. They mainly produce cosmetics based on Aloe secundiflora. They get the seedlings from LPC Aloe nursery, hence depending on LPC for quality Aloe seedlings. The final products are then sold to SLUSH UK through LPC who provides the market linkage to the group.

Osugoroi Self-Help Group

This group has a total number of 43 individual members out of which 4 of the members are men. It is the only group with men among the other groups that we work with. They own 9 acres piece of land that is fenced and have connected water to their land from the mountain through gravity using pipes with the help of LPC.Through permaculture trainings they have diversified their farming and also export fresh aloe to Lush.