Join us next year as we share with you insights on how to work with nature rather than against it and how you can create a sustainable ecosystem using everything surrounding us in our 2 week training on Permaculture Design.

We boast the best trainers around the world with myriad experiences on permaculture and agroecology.

Joseph Olentunyoi who is the founder and CEO of Laikipia Permaculture Centre holds a Bachelors in Organic Agriculture with 15 years experience in teaching Permaculture and undertaking consultancies around the world as well as supporting pastoral communities in Laikipia North Subcounty to achieve food security.

Zachary Makanya who is also the Founder and CEO of RIDEP (Rural Initiative Development Programme) has 25 years’ experience working in community and network development and environment protection. He trained as a Water and Environmental Engineer and is involved in the advocacy on issues in favor of small holders and biodiversity conservation.

Peter Ash on the other hand is an international renowned Master Composter with over 40 years’ experience in soil fertility and turning waste into compost

James Kagwe is a Permaculture model consultant and Teacher Expert in urban waste management and gardening

Cost: 40,000 Ksh

( Fees inclusive of all meals, accommodation (camping) and certification) the trip to RIDEP in Tharaka but excludes transport to and from the course)

Advanced Earthworks & Resiliency Course with Warren Brush

Details: Five day Advanced Earthworks Resiliency Course with renowned International Facilitator, Warren Brush. This course is primarily for those who have already taken a Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) and want to get more insight on earthworks. The course takes place in the Northern Laikipia region at Naatum Women’s group, a group located in a remote and severly degraded area with huge problems of soil erosion. This being most vulnerable of groups due to harsh living conditions! According to Warren Brush, who has worked in challenging areas around the World, including the Kalahari desert, this is one of the badly degraded areas he has come acrossYou will have the chance to follow “accompagner” the renowned international facilitator Warren Brush to demonstrate together the incredible potential this site has! Come and do what seems impossible: fully transform these arid lands into a productive and sustainable site for the women. Don’t miss out this super special course with Warren and all the community!

Cost: 85,000 Ksh or $850

(Fees inclusive of all meals, accommodation (camping) and certification)and excludes transport to and from the course)