LPC offers professional permaculture design consultancy in Kenya and outside Kenya. We have worked with a number of NGO’s around East Africa as well as Somaliland. We have also worked with businesses.

 A permaculture design for your project, business or private farm can help turn your site into a productive and truly sustainable site, with innovative solutions for increasing soil fertility, conserving water, enhancing productivity and biodiversity and waste management whilst at the same time increasing income.  You will be set on the path to ecological and financial sustainability and your site will become an inspiration for the community around you. We have a demonstration site here at our LPC farm which we developed from nothing into a self sustaining site in three years which you can always visit for free before we embark on a designing consultancy!

 If you are interested in a private permaculture design consultancy for your project, business or personal farm then please contact us on:

E: info@lpct.or.ke

M: + 254 727 845 123

Design Implementation

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  • Direction of physical implementation of work on the ground.
  • Direction of Earthworks Implementation – Survey and supervision of earthmoving operators.

All the above services are available as a complete design system or as individual elements on their own.

Permaculture Designing                                                           Design work presentationsdesign work presentations with complete design plans and full report for implementation, maintenance and establishment