Located in a drought area of the remote Rift Valley in Laikipia County, Osuguroi self-help group is our new project and partner since 2015.

This group has the unique particularity of involving both gender in the project: it is a 38 Maasai member group among which 4 men.

Osuguroi Self Help Group

Osuguroi – which means “aloe” in Maasai – was name after the 4-acre aloe farm they started together 1 year ago. Since then, they have been planting and exporting fresh aloe leaves every month to our partner Lush Cosmetics. But their ambition goes far beyond ! Following Twala group model, they want to create their own sustainable system to generate food security, a new source of income and foster empowerment. After saving money during one year, the group has finally managed to buy their own 9 acres’ piece of land to start the project.

What have they done so far?

The group is already planting and exporting aloe fresh leaves to Lush Cosmetics every month. Along with LPC, they designed the farm and started to implement cash crops, food forest, vegetable garden.The group has also been trained to water harvesting & soil fertility. 4 members followed the PDC Courses, and 1 member has been trained to cob-building. Already 4 traditional manyattas were built out of 8.They have include facilities such as a kitchen, toilets, shower and a water tank.The group also started a small garden, controlling soil erosion by digging swales and implemented 2 natural bee-hives.

What are the main issues?

> Human-wildlife conflict: Escaping from the Conservancy Park at the edge of the farm, the group is struggling with wild animals destroying their work. Elephants – with their massive body structure and incredible sense of smell – are destroying their fences and all the crops, stealing fruits and vegetables from the garden.

> Water stress : Osuguroi group is located in a drought area with no source of water nearby, which challenges the irrigaton of crops.

What are the next steps?

> Step 1: Installing a solar fence all around the land to prevent elephants from destroying the farm.

> Step 2: Starting implementing the farm design.

> Step 3 : Training the whole group on processing aloe into soap products – in order to generate a new source of income.