Composting mimics a process constantly taking place in nature. Composting is extremely valuable to any farm since a good compost is a proper blend for nature’s elements including air, water, fire and earth. When these elements are kept in balance, millions of microorganisms including bacterial, insects and other soil biota can break down plants and animal waste into nutrient rich material in weeks.  The general agreement is that compost need to be added to the fields at the beginning of each crop cycle and continued progressively so as to build the soil. This is done because compost provides a balanced nutrition to the soil as well as improving its physical structures whilst stimulating the biological life of the soil improving overall plant health. LPC is offering an intensive composting course at KES 30,000(this fee includes meals,camping & certification but excludes transport to and from LPC).  With our Master Composter Peter Ash.

Contact-  or 0726 787085 for course details.