Laikipia Permaculture Centre limited company  works with women across Laikipia County to utilize  natural resources in Laikipia to provide a source of income for their households. Diminishing natural resources and climate change have led to the pastoral way of life non viable leading to conflict in the area where there are constants fights with the neighbouring communities over water and grazing land .As women and girls are the most vulnerable , LPC works with these women organized in groups to  amplify their voices in the community, and improve their food security.

The enterprise is a holistic center that manufactures organic products in addition to acting as a research, training, and demonstration site.

We produce Organic Cactus based products in the food sector as well as Aloe secundiflora in the global cosmetics sector.

Opuntia was first introduced in Kenya as natural fencing, but it rapidly became an invasive species, eating all the nutrients of the soil and thus killing all life in its surroundings. Grass is no longer growing to feed the cows and the “épines” or spines are harmful when they try to eat the cactus.We have worked with Maasai women’s groups in areas effected by this cactus to create an enterprise from this troublesome plant. They are now processing the cactus to make fresh juices, tasty jams and sweet wine.

Despite land in Laikipia north being severely degraded all is not lost. The abundance of Acacia and aloe plants provide good forage for bees. Our ladies have been trained on honey harvesting and processing and are able to package high quality pure honey for the Market.

The four Maasai women groups have been supplied with the Aloe secundiflora for production and these groups received training to make products from the Aloe where LPC links them to markets abroad. With training, some have diversified their products to produce soaps, Cream, Shower jelly, Shampoo and Body lotion. The groups sell their products through LPC which provides market linkages.

LUSH Cosmetics, an international company in UK also purchases fresh Aloe leaves from the women groups through LPC which they use to make different types of cosmetics that are sold all over the world. Their representatives have also visited the women and trained them further.

We also offer Permaculture trainings at our site as well consultancies on Permaculture, Composting ,Integrated Pest Management, Cob-building, Earthworks and resiliency courses