Lairagwan primary school is located in Laikipia County, a semi arid county with more than 75 % of the population classified as poor,the school’s population currently stands at 600 children. Although primary school education is considered to be free in Kenya, there are other costs that the parents have to foot such as desks,minor repairs,wages for subordinate staff and food for the children especially in areas like this where famine is severe.

This school doesn’t have any other source of income hence the head teacher is forced to send the pupils home to bring money to foot these costs. Unfortunately the parents who are supposed to provide the money are struggling to make ends meet in a harsh and dry environment and to cope up with high poverty levels. Consequently the pupils end up staying at home as the parents struggle to get the money hence affecting smooth running of the school and subsequently poor performance is witnessed in the school.

There are cases in the school where some pupils fail to go to school for lack of food at home. As the world is warming up due to climate change and desertification, there is need to train and show people how to take care of the environment and especially children.

LPC is therefore helping the school establish a food forest which will provide nutrition for the children as well creating awareness within the neighbourhood.