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Two week Permaculture Design Certification Course in partnership with PRI-Kenya

Details: Join us for our exciting PDC Course where participants will have the opportunity to see permaculture in full action right on the site whilst learning. There will be a few exciting site visits to the neighboring women’s groups that we are working closely with in Maasai region.

Curious to have a deep insight of permaculture by following the internationally recognized 72 hours Permaculture Design Certificate Course, or to broaden your knowledge with one of our master specialized courses? Come and join us at our Laikipia Permaculture Center for intensive certificated courses, where our key success relies on many hands-on activities and field studies in a challenging indigenous and drought county You definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity!

( Fees inclusive of all meals, accommodation (camping) and certification)and excludes transport to and from the course)

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