15th March 2021- 15th April 2021

Details: We are extending our office block and would like to invite people to join us in the building from the walls to the roof as they learn the Art of cob building with our expert trainer Fredrick . The minimum allowable training duration is one Week.


OR 35,000 KSH FOR 2 WEEKS, KSHS 40,000 FOR 3 WEEKS

About the course? What if the design and construction of a building could improve the ecological health of the ecosystem where it is sited? This is what permaculture strives to do through architectural design and siting of home structures. Permaculture helps you design and build structures that are both strikingly beautiful and sustainable.

What is cob-building and why should we all use it? Cob is an earthen building material made of clay, sand and straw. It has been used for thousands of years worldwide to construct homes and buildings with. Cob is easy to learn and inexpensive to build. Earth homes are extremely water and wind resistant and have the beautiful properties to be cold in summer and warm in winter. This ancient technology doesn’t contribute to deforestation, pollution or mining, nor depend on manufactured materials or power tools.

Ready to get your hands and feet dirty? Join us for 14 days of theory and design, hands on natural building at LPC . Come and join the Kenyan local team to build a Cob house from Foundation to the roof! Everyone can build, you can build! Come and explore the ancient art of building with clay, sand and straw!

Who can participate? The course is appropriate for both first-time builders and for professionals in the building trade who are interested in natural materials.

The course will give participants;

  • The skills necessary to build climate-resilient, sustainable, non-toxic, affordable housing without acquiring substantial debt.
  • The knowledge to make a good cob mixture
  • What to take in consideration for designing the building
  • The skills to make the foundations, to build cob-walls.
  • How to make a bread oven building
  • Plastering and decorate your building


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