Laikipia Permaculture is a Community based Trust that was founded in 2014 as a partnership of four women groups from Laikipia North i.e. Naatum women group from Morupusi group ranch (Mukogodo west Ward),Twala women group -Ilpolei and Munishoi group ranches (Mukogodo West Ward),Nabulu Women Group in Makandura (Segera ward)and Osuguroi women group (Mukogodo East Ward) with a total of 311individual membership.We have since added another 13 agro-pastoral groups within Laikipia County increasing the total number of individual farmers we work with to 960. The new groups include:

  1. Ereri Upendo group                       11. Loshaiki SHG-Ilmotiok group ranch
  2. Naitabaya women group               12. Esonkoyo youth group
  3. Mukima Vision group                     13. Naning’oi group
  4. Lekiji Farmers co-operative group
  5. Muramati Kiiruma self help group
  6. Nabulu- Mukuri women group
  7. African Forum for Innovative Approaches(AFFIA)
  8. Chui Mama group- Koija group ranch
  9. Naiperere SHG – Tiamamut group ranch
  10.  Rapunye SHG- Makurian group ranch

The aim of LPCT is to help Laikipia North communities to develop agriculturally self-sustaining ecosystem to enhance food security and environmental conservation. So far, LPCT have developed a demonstration/training site in Jua kali area of Segera Ward to teach the local communities about Permaculture designs, land regeneration and building using natural available materials. The Teaching curriculum also enables communities improve on their highly degraded land by adapting lifestyle that conserve the environment e.g. Water harvesting techniques and food foresting. Using Permaculture design systems we have enabled these women groups set up integrated farms where they grow their own food in identified demonstration sites in their group ranches and therefore this venture has enhanced food sustainability and family income by empowering these women groups have ecological based enterprises using locally available resources such as Aloe and Opuntia, use of Biogas and Bee keeping hence lowering poverty levels of the households.


Our Mission:

To improve livelihoods of vulnerable communities in Laikipia through environmental friendly enterprises and integrated trainings

Our core Values:

People care, Care of the earth, fair share of resources

Our Vision:

To see local communities turn challenges into solutions by use of available natural resources and indigenous knowledge with minimal external support. We believe in strengthening innovative capacity of indigenous communities by providing trainings and coaching in Permaculture practices

Permaculture is about working with nature to make a better world for us all. It’s more than just gardening; it is about designing holistic (whole-system) human habitats and environmental regeneration for a sustainable future.