Unsung Conservation Heroes

Not all superheroes wear capes… some wear khaki! And the aim of this gallery is to focus on some of those superheroes who are doing incredible work in the field of conservation but who don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

Whether out in the field, caring for orphaned animals, educating communities, conducting important research or recording the facts on film, all of these conservationists have one thing in common – a passion for protecting our environment and the wild beings that call it home.

Unfortunately we couldn’t name every unsung hero out there – as there are thousands of people on this fine continent who are working amazingly hard every day in the name of conservation – but we hope that this very small selection inspires you nonetheless and pays homage to a few selfless individuals who may have slipped under the radar.

Head to the last page of this gallery to learn more about Lori Robinson, who pulled out all the stops to put together this gallery and draw attention to some of these deserving faces.


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